A luxury fashion brand for women conceived out of the love for Arab and Asian clothing culture.

Creating a well-established high fashion brand that serves as fashion the melting pot of Asian/Arabian and Afro-Western concepts.

Abaya Lagos was created by Salihat, a Nigerian architect turned fashion designer. Her vision was conceived out of her love for Arab and Asian clothes, which she quoted “gives vibrancy and uniqueness to the overall day-to-day dressing by colour, fabric patterns and texture”. The products are mainly: Turbans and Abayas (open front robes and kaftans; tunics and jackets) Abaya Lagos by Salihat recognizes the African market as it’s foremost and seeks to blend African cultural concepts into its core fashion essence.

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Client: Abaya Lagos by Salihat
Date: 2015-09-21


Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you can see, can inspire you”

–  Grace Coddington Former Model, Creative Director of American Vogue Magazine

Abaya Lagos by Salihat is a women’s fashion brand with a seasonal catalogue of  mainly turbans, abayas and accessories available from selected stores and pop-up exhibitions.

Following three months of collaboration, Hook and Cannon were commissioned by Salihat to  design its brand identity, from labelling, retail concepts, internal communications and art direction,  to stationery, business cards, brand book and signage.

The new visual identity communicates its move away from its original-rigid inspiration towards  one of modernity through a distinctly free-form expression. The brand cried for an expressive boundless logo that would translate its ethos effectively to the target consumer.

The logotype works because it functions as a counterpoint to the crafted and memorable qualities of  the logo, its colour and implementation. Set together, these assets give a precise duality, one of  personality and individuality, and also utility and fashion convention, which plays out in print.


The name “Abaya Lagos by Salihat”, in short (ALS) was a main influencer of design

The old design was rigid and did not compliment the language of the brand. Understanding the need to apply calligraphy, art, free-flow form, elegance and infused culture gave birth to the new direction.
We had to also bear in mind that Abaya Lagos by Salihat is mainly aimed at women and it’s purpose to capture people from different backgrounds regardless of cultural or religious ties.

The art direction covers a series of textured backgrounds and images with a super imposed identity which express the meaning of the proposed statement. The photography also influenced the art direction and vice versa, binding the whole concept together.

Deliverables included:
Seasonal Look book, Video Event Launch and Reveal, Brand Book, Packaging templates, Event Invitation, Poster prints, Advertising

Brand Development, Editorial, Art Direction, Photography, Video, Event Activation, Packaging, Print Design, Advertising.