Creating a Refined Brand identity based on a Contemporary African aesthetic.

African Boku Talent (ABT) is a US based organisation whose mission is to showcase and support African creativity.

Africa Boku Talent attempts to coagulate African creative talents both to strengthen them through collaborations and for worldwide visibility and enjoyment.

They devised two key components for its success.

ABT aims to create a web-based social forum for creative interaction: A one-stop platform for Africa’s creative industry. Growing and supporting talent from the grassroot.

ABT organises a grand finale event each year in the heart of Hollywood, California that showcases African talent in music , film, stage and fashion. Preliminary events and auditions are held at Freedom Park in Lagos.

Hook and Cannon was commisioned as creative partners to create the brand identity and support its endeavours throughout the year.

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Client: Africa Boku Talent
Date: 2016-12-26


The mission of Africa Boku Talent (ABT) is to showcase and support African creativity to the world: Music & Dance.Stage & Film, Fashion & Design and more.

ABT aims to create a forum for artist interaction: A one-stop platform for Africa’s creative industry. Growing and supporting talent from the grassroot.

Through events like Style Africa Gala and Runway Show, ABT has created visibility but hopes to improve its approach and satisfy a larger audience.


The idea of the concept is to emphasize ABT’s main goal development. Making an outline out of the continent, and using simplified versions of typical traditional symbols from African culture to create a dynamic and strong pattern. The result was a contemporary geometric pattern, that gives the feeling of originality, Africa, and creativity.

The Eye of Africa represents the platform ABT creates which enables the creative acts to be displayed and watched by the world. Our goal was to create a refined identity based on a contemporary African aesthetic.

The result cultivates an effective brand experience by translating the ABT promise of Showcase and African.This system provides a design flexibility for the brand’s future expansion.

Deliverables included:
Brand Presentation, Website, Video, Poster prints, Merchandise, Event collaterals.

Brand Development, Media Activation, Event strategy and planning, Web Development, Video