Rebranding a new identity for Mtech Communications Plc,the largest mobile value added service provider in Africa.

Empowering the Mobile Generation

Mtech Communications Plc is Africa’s leading mobile content and media interactivity provider. Its’s investment in mobile application technology has enabled the company to successfully implement projects in the design,installation and integration of developed applications as well as provide support. Mtech is an insights-driven, digital and media content provider, focused on improving the way organizations reach and connect with consumers.

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Client: Mtech Communications Plc.
Date: 2015-05-10


“The Mtech old brand direction reminded us of a stale emotionless identity. We imagine a new culture that depicts passion, creativity and life”.

Chimere Mbonu (Mtech Communications West Africa)

Hook and Cannon were challenged to create a compelling and refreshed brand proposition that emphasised the expanse of Mtech’s capabilities, vision/values and perception in the marketplace. The goal was to build a brand that was future-proofed, truly reflecting the experience of working with one of the Africa’s leading mobile content providers and express the creative culture exhibited by the company and its people.

Working in partnership with the Leadership and Marketing teams at Mtech, we were able to focus on identifying the new brand direction, along with an organic strategy for its growth. The result was a step change not only in the way that Mtech re-positioned itself externally, but it also placed more emphasis on the internal staff playing a pivotal role in the on-going success of the company as champions of the brand.


The overall strategy was to take an end-to-end approach to refreshing the brand.

This involved an audit of all existing collateral as a starting point for the project. An understanding of which then allowed us to concentrate on bringing the values out in all materials, changing the tone-of-voice to reflect the new character and ethos of the company, and creating a set of brand assets that captured the true essence of what it means to work for, and with, Mtech.

Deliverables included
-Website, Brand guidelines, Master brochure, Culture booklet, Business cards, Staff ID’s, Office branding, Advertising.

Brand Development, Editorial, Website