The catalogue- a unique publication providing unrivaled insight into all aspects of the diverse Nigerian beverage industry.

Captivating Target Consumer and Improving Customer Loyalty is Nigeria’s foremost online e-commerce store, specializing in drinks’ provision for every occasion.
They recently launched a physical store in Lagos and now becoming the fastest growing drinks supplier in Nigeria. They set the gold standard in wholesale drinks provision: Highly trained staff, convenient, fast and reliable 24 hour delivery service.
They leverage on partnerships with the industry leaders and have the first extensive catalogue and magazine in their sector.

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Date: 2015-10-05


The first catalogue ‘The Ultimate Guide to All Drinks’ was a test issue and well received with smashing reviews from Industry Experts.

The Spirit Magazine was the official launch of the series- conceived from the work in progress issue. Spirit Magazine is the Exclusive Expert Guide to drinks and a wealth of articles,selected cocktailrecipes, food pairing and more.

The aim of the magazine was to engage readership through its diverse content and also market product offerings from

Hook and Cannon handled the whole project , from the design layout, art direction, online publishing, data analytics, print to marketing. Copywriting and content strategy was key to the success of the magazine.

We conducted interviews for the cover story: Celebrating 250 year anniversary of Hennessy and other contributor segments. Photography and Design brought the issue alive while interactive features such as enabling direct purchase through codes kept the consumer locked in and organically increased sales.


The Spirit Magazine is a compendium of successful articles with Industry experts and a full catalogue of various categories of drinks.

The whole concept is an extended version of The brand identity. Based on the idea of the colour and imagery they use, the magazine uses an amount of quality photography to show the contents in a visually attractive way.
Creative Consulting, Editorial, Digital Publishing, Content Strategy, Marketing
Data Analytics

Digital offset printing, 90 pages + Covers